Conscious Leadership of Self and Others

This is the foundation workshop to develop an understanding of the Enneagram framework. All participants gain a clear understanding of human personality and their own personality profile based on the Enneagram, as well as the value of self-understanding, the understanding of others and diversity in effective leadership and change management.

The workshop is interactive and set within the context of the need for self-aware, high performing staff who can drive positive organisational relationships, cultural change and outstanding work performance within the organisation.

"This program provides an effective framework to enhance organisational culture and individual performance. It encourages people to develop insight into their behaviour and that of others, to foster improved communication and working relationships. The program is a very worthwhile investment in the future growth of your team in an increasingly demanding and complex environment that can yield rewards and positive results for many years."

Mark Stanton, Group Manager - Customer Services - The Hills Shire Council, NSW, 2014

Leading Self in Teams

This workshop builds on the knowledge of the Enneagram from the Conscious Leadership of Self and Others workshop and provides a deeper layer of understanding about the operation of the personality in a team context.

All participants gain a clear understanding of how the different types approach conflict and the varying communication styles of the 9 personality types.

The learning is experiential, allowing the participants to understand the operation and impact of their own personality in team decision making and negotiation.

Coaching With the Enneagram

The Coaching with the Enneagram workshop builds on the knowledge of the previous workshops and gives leaders, and aspiring leaders, the knowledge and tools to successfully coach and develop their people.

It uses the Enneagram as a framework for improving understanding of the diversity of personality type and development strategies for staff.

Communicating Effectively

The Communicating Effectively workshop is a half-day session that explores how the Enneagram can help improve and develop personal and professional communication skills.

By understanding the nine types and their individual communication styles, leaders and teams can work together to create a more meaningful rapport and improved relationships.

The workshop covers the importance of recognising the different communication styles of the nine Enneagram types and how to better understand and work more effectively with each communication style. The program explores the potential impact on others of the different styles and how we can further develop our communication skills to help manage and overcome problem areas.