“5 Ways to Rewire Your Brain to Be Positive: How to train yourself to be happier”.- By Deep Patel

Deep Patel is the author of A Paperboy's Fable: The 11 Principles of Success. The book was dubbed the #1 best business book in 2016 by Success Magazine and named the best book for entrepreneurs in 2016 by Entrepreneur Magazine. I particularly liked his article published in Entrepreneur recently. Here is an extract.

Whether you realize it or not, the negative experiences you have lived through often influence your decisions. Your brain learns from difficult situations and painful memories, and these experiences get sealed into your brain.

Your brain naturally wants to do whatever it can to protect you by avoiding a recurrence of the negative experience. However, continually focusing on the negative can hinder our ability to find the positive and live a happy life.

Success is based on recognizing and going after opportunities as they present themselves -- and that often requires having the inner fortitude to take a chance and navigate difficult waters. The more you exude positivity, the better your chances of finding lasting success and happiness. All it takes is a little training and focus, and you can rewire your brain toward the positive.

1. Release your inner negativity.

2. Retrain your brain to flip negatives into positives.

3. Learn the art of pivoting from negative thoughts.

4. Create a cycle of joy.

5. Bring positivity into the present moment.

Here are some examples:

As you get into the habit of continually checking in with yourself and directing your thoughts toward the positive, it will eventually become second nature.

Deep Patel

Dr David Daniels

Dr David Daniels was Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behaviorial Sciences at Stanford University and worked closely with Helen Palmer to create ,The Enneagram Professional Development Training Program. David's involvement proved to be a decisive step in the Enneagram's evolution. He is recognised internationally as one of the foremost figures in the field. In 1994 he arranged for Stanford University to host the first international Enneagram Conference. David saw that the best way to teach the Enneagram was in the Narrative Tradition.

David has been a teacher and mentor for both of us. His passing was a great loss to the worldwide Enneagram community. Not only for the depth of his knowledge and profound insights about the Enneagram, but for the compassion and humility he exuded. We feel privileged to have worked with this amazing man.

Have a look at the many resources including books, audio and video on the web. Our standard text when teaching and running workshops around the country is this book The Essential Enneagram, which he co-authored with Virginia Price.

David Daniels

The Enneagram of Parenting - Elizabeth Wagele

We are often asked for recommendations for additional reading on the Enneagram when we run our workshops across the country.

A particular favourite among participants who have children is The Enneagram of Parenting written by Elizabeth Wagele, who was an American artist, musician, and writer of books on the Enneagram.

An award-winning cartoonist, she illustrated her many books with humorous cartoons - and this book is a great example.

The Enneagram of parenting